Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Beliefs Become Our Biology

Our thoughts become our expectation and when we think our brain and body work hard to move us toward the path of expectation. Our minds are our most powerful tools and yet too many of us forget how impactful the ideas that float amongst have. 

If you have never consciously and intentionally tried to manipulate your experience with thoughts then you may be skeptical. The easiest way for a first timer is trying to manipulate your mood.  On day when you feel less than par try to make an effort to change your spirit through the use of intentional thoughts. Start by repeating positive affirmations that explicitly tell your mind how you will feel and the kind of day you will have. Think of happy thoughts and surround yourself with upbeat music. Your beliefs will become your biology and your body will have no choice but to follow the path of expectation!

Most recently I ran my first 10k. Around mile 4 my knees started hurting and I could feel my body starting to limp as I ran. Rather than allow my mind to control my run I instead began talking to myself. I repeated phrases of admiration and adoration for my body and how powerful I was. In no time the pain was gone and I finished pain free and with a great time. 

Our mind always gives up long before our body does. If we can use the power we have of controlling our thoughts and words we can lead ourselves to accomplish anything we desire. When we think and speak our brain is listening to our desires, make sure you are truly telling yourself what you want because you will get what you ask for. Your body will follow the path of expectation so be very intentional in your beliefs because they become your biology. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bountiful of Blessings

Tis the season to recognize the bountiful of blessings. Seems so easy to be reminded of how much we have when we enjoy the warmth of our homes dressed festively for the holidays which is soon to be shared with family and friends. Winter presents the perfect opportunity to nest, slowdown from the hustle & bustle, and share quitter times with the ones we love. 

I hope each of you will be reminded of just how fortunate we all are. We have life which we should be grateful for. We have the adoration of the best family and friends. We have our furry animals to snuggle with and it is they who often remind us of the beauty of unconditional love. We have more than most and when we stop to appreciate what we have we find ourselves much happier and healthier.  Appreciate all the little details and look for the bountiful of blessings this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It FEELS Right!

Sometimes we worry and wonder if we have made the right decision. Life is literally full of one choice after another. Some have greater impact than others, but nonetheless they all provide an opportunity for growth and change. 

When faced with a challenging choice in life I have always practiced a process that has served me well.  Recently I was faced with a game changing opportunity and was torn at which direction to turn. I thought long and hard about all my options and came to a conclusion.  

I have learned to make decisions and live with them internally for a few days. After a few nights sleeping on the idea of making a change and going through my days as if the decision was made I always have the answer that is best for me.  My internal guide has always alerted me with anxiety, dissatisfaction, nerves, and beyond if I am making a wrong turn.  I have learned to trust this process and my inner voice as to what is in my best interest.

I followed my method of living with a decision before fully committing. Believing in myself, I made my choice known and I could not be more thrilled with the changes I am making. I have not had one iota of fear, anxiety, or wondering if I am driving in the accurate direction.  I know I am not only from the endless opportunities that have immediately been flowing towards me but because it FEELS right!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time To Give Thanks!

It is a critical component of our happiness to share our appreciation with others.  Everyone should take time regularly to thank those that make a difference in our lives. Part of the joy in our lives is directly from the people we share our days and nights with. Life is better because of those that play important roles in our existence.  

Being grateful for our blessings and sharing gratitude regularly is something I hope each of you will practice daily. If you have slipped up on reminding others of their significance in your life Thanksgiving is a wondrous yearly reminder to do so.  

 This semester in my Managing for Personal Success course I had my students participate in a Gratitude project. Part of our success and happiness is from the contributions of others. I had each student sit next to the white board while their classmate wrote what they valued or appreciated in the individual. Students found out what their peers wrote at the next class where we had a “Classgiving” and I shared their beautiful pictures and words. 

It was a meaningful and special project for everyone to participate in. After experiencing how being admired, appreciated and valued felt, I gave them their assignment for the holiday break; to call 10 people they are thankful for and tell them why! 

Take the time to share joy as we enter the holiday season and remind others why they are so important. Letting others know their value and the impact they have in your life is an amazing experience where all reap the rewards. Take the time to give THANKs! 
We have a LOT to be THANKFUL For!

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