Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Listen and Look for Answers!

Sometimes disappointment and heartache is actually just a clear sign that you would not have seen any other way.  Rather than assume or accept the doom and gloom recognize it very well may be the only way the universes could catch your attention.  Without harsh messages, many times we would not listen or believe.   

Sometimes we need a constant blocking to guide us to something better. Rather than be distraught by the closing of opportunities, the changes you did not seek, assume they are in your best interest.  Have faith they provide a more fruitful and fulfilling future.   

I am being blessed with this gentle reminder currently and I finally found calmness when I remembered this is likely for my best.  The truth is I would have never changed if not hurt so badly by the decisions being made.  I would have stayed; still, safe, and stagnant because I was relatively happy and more import I was comfortable.  However, I know in my heart of hearts I am not and have not been pushed, challenged, rewarded, or expanded into professional or personal growth by remaining within my comfort zone.  If I had not been denied I would have missed what is next; possible have been missing what is best for oh so long. 

I can feel the earth spinning around me and I actually feel excited to close the windows so the doors of possibility may open I have done what I could, I did it well, but I am no longer valued or needed in this role.  I am free to move on to a deeper calling.  For the first time in this long saga, I feel extremely peaceful with where I have been and can now embrace the opportunity to live the next series of my life.  I am open to the universe for leading me to my path of purpose. Listen and look for the answers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never Mind!

Never mind another. You do not need to concern yourself with any aspect of another person’s choices.  Their behaviors do not need to impact you....unless you let it.

Sometimes we allow another’s actions to negatively impact us.  We need to allow them to be who they need to be and be their own judge.  None of us need the critique of someone else and nor does anyone need your criticism.

When we allow ourselves to become enthralled or bothered by another we are only hurting ourselves and potentially the relationship we have with another.  We can always work to serve as a positive role model, but ultimately each of us has to decide how to be. 

Rather than worry about the choices anyone else makes work on staying focused on your own self. Start with the awareness of your eagle eye on others patterns and break the cycle of judgment by turning the focus back on you.  Each of us must learn for ourselves and that happens differently for each of us.

Focus on creating a life where our worry and concerns stays grounded in our own backyard.
You get to control only you, so rather than fret over another’s choice, remember that is not your decision, so say ....never mind!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Your Energy Flows

Wow, after traveling this past week I was alarmed by the negative energy flowing through the airports.  So many those we encountered, from TSA employees to wait staff to ticket agents to passengers all lived their day with an extremely negative and toxic energy. Everyone we encountered we greeted with a huge smile and asked them how they were.  Many would mumble some negative feeling toward us and we would apologize and wish them happier hours ahead. 

I could not stop thinking about how our personal energy flows off of those all around.  I also could not help but think what if that TSA person had greeted each one of us with a good morning and a smile?  Not only would her shift be pleasant, but that warmth would spread upon everyone in the security line.  From there happier flying folks would then carry that with them into the terminals and everyone the encountered. The domino effect would make everyone's flight and traveling experience much more uplifting. 

Everyone was traveling somewhere and imagine the impact we could have had if we had all brought a smile and friendly greeting. Being kind, friendly, and optimistic would have enriched the journey.  There is no harm in taking on the responsibility of spreading joy.  The trickle effect from the airport to our final destinations where we reunite with families, friends, colleagues would be uplifted instead of letdown. 

My colleague and I worked hard at greeting everyone and leaving them with a better spirit than that of which we found them. And we did encounter some likeminded, fun, and energetic souls. However, imagine if 2/3 instead of less than 1/4 shared that same optimistic attitude as they traveled how much more upbeat the entire experience would have been.  Instead of so much doom and gloom, regardless of the weather outdoors it would have been sunny inside! Every time you travel through the days and nights of your life remember that you have a responsibility for brightening the world….your energy flows just like a flight pattern at an airport!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Desire Your Impact

Do you pay attention to the impact you have on those around you? Do the words that fall out of your mouth typically have a positive or negative connotation? What you say is not only what you think, but it impacts your entire aura. The energy you carry then spreads out to the universe and every living thing you come into contact with. 


I am not confident most realize that the volume of less flattering words and thoughts seeping out of their mouths.  If you just sit and watch the world around you passing by, how many people do you see smiling, greeting one another, shedding positive vibes into the world?  All of us are impacting our world based on what we bring to it. If most of us could hear and see ourselves and how we interact with our ecosphere I am not confident we are giving the vibe we want to be remembered for. 

We owe it to our own happiness and to the energy we give to our earth to work harder at being more positive and uplifting.  This needs to be practiced in our words, thoughts, and everyday existence.  We must also  strive to share our space only with those who bring us up. 

Lets all start today to begin speaking and thinking in a more upbeat direction.  Doing so will brighten your daily life while being an optimistic and uplifting force for our world.  Stop and think about every word and thought that crosses your mind and before you let it slip out of our lips make sure your words are giving others the impact you desire. 

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