Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finger Pointing!

It is easiest to place blame; point your finger at anyone and everyone besides yourself when you are dissatisfied with the outcome of any and all of life situations.  Holding others responsible for your disappointments, failures, and heartaches allows you to temporarily feel free of being accountable for what your life is or has become.  Let me be clear you can go through your days accusing others for your wrongs, but in the end you will continue to lose the battles of life.

A friend recently reminded me; when you point your finger at another, look closely because there are 4 pointing back at you.   The ONLY person you can hold accountable for your life, the good, the bad, the ugly of where you have been, where you are, and where you are going is YOU!  

If you have not learned yet, we can only control ourselves.  We are our own keepers and need to be responsible for all the decisions we have made and ultimately for the person we have become.  We are accountable for every choice, action, behavior, thought, desire, intention, attitude, mindset, and beyond.  

Stop the finger pointing! Take the hardest and most important step and accept responsibility for who you are, what you are, and where you are.  You got yourself here, so if you are dissatisfied with one or any aspect of your life than only you can make the changes necessary and take the action needed to get yourself headed in the right direction.  Start being fully responsible for your life by pointing the finger at the one and only that can make a difference…point that finger at yourself and do what is necessary to make your life wondrous and one you can’t get enough of! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reacting is Your Reaction

Life is all about your reaction. Your response dictates the outcome to any and all situations.  If you want a different result try handling the situation differently.  

Your life is the result of your actions, thoughts, and retort to all scenarios. You are the only person in control of your thoughts and feelings.  You control what you say, do, and think.  If you are unhappy with how things are going then YOU need to change your communication, action, and/or thoughts. 

You regain control of how you experience this life once you stop putting that responsibility on others or in another’s hands. Once you take full accountability for your life you will realize you are the only one in governing your destiny. 

You have the power to be happy, positive, uplifting, and successful. Start by responding to all happenings with a reaction that will dictate the outcome you desire.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Fight fight fight... It's the American way. 


We fight for what we want, what we believe, and that which we believe is ours. What you stand for is behind that which you fight for. Make sure it's worth your all & giving up it all for fighting for. 

What is it that you fight for? Fight fight fight!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Push Me!

When pushed do you fight or flee? My initial response has always been to fight back. I always felt it necessary to stand up for myself and that which is right. Not only have I always fought back for myself but always for others. This past Friday, I stopped approximately 7 or more high school students that were pushing a young boy into the street. They were all moving at him, which made him back pedal and start to drop things. I without thought yelled at them and chased them from the young boy.  I have never been able to be a bystander and watch what I know is wrong. 

Recently I have struggled and what it boils down to is I feel as if I am being pushed and although I know it is wrong I have no will to fight any longer. Is it because I am jaded, older, don’t care, feel defeated? Truth is it is none of those reasons resonate with my response. I am actually feeling thankful for the push.  I think I needed it. Only being pushed this hard away and out has forced me to change. I think the approach was wrong but I also think it is the only way I would go and I believe that in the end it is in my best interest.  I would have never chosen this, but since the decisions are being made for me, I will not fight it.  I also am not going to be available to fix it when it all fails. 

Instead, I am taking the thrust as an opportunity. I refuse to focus on the doom and instead affirm in the purpose of endless possibilities. My life is actually better because I am truly letting go; being prod into deeper peace. Positivity by another’s forceful tactics is presenting new perspectives and prospects I would have not otherwise seen or welcomed.   Thank you for pushing me away and out.  I needed the swift shove to be open to the limitless possibilities, something my current situation just can’t provide!

Let’s not always see being pushed as a bad thing because it may be launching you into that which you love. Life has some weird ways of delivering messages but it seems to be the ones that hurt are the ones we needed the most. Push Me!!

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