Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There are different moments in our lives where we face a crossroad.  We are forced to decide to continue on the path we are currently traveling or change route.  I recently faced one of the biggest forks I have ever encountered.  Literally the 2nd hardest decision I would say I have made my entire life.  

The easiest decision is to stay on the course of currency; it is the known, familiar, and less risky.  It is also the one that keeps us stagnant and prevents the opportunity for true transformation and chance of what could be. Changing direction means going into the unfamiliar, less stable & secure.  Yet this choice could provide the opportunity for growth beyond measure. It would be not only the more difficult decision but potentially the more challenging pushing me to learn and expand in new areas. 

I have often said the hardest decisions in life are often the most important ones that we make. After a lot of soul searching and discussion with my closest family and friends the decision has been made.  I often make a decision and live with it in my own mind before finalizing externally.  In those days I typically know if I am making the right or wrong decision. 

The physical response of freeing oneself to new possibilities is a gitty feeling. Immediately immersed with joy, excited and feeling lighter.  The stress of so much was instantly gone and what had been restless nights were much more peaceful. 

Our souls always know what we need and the universe tries to conspire to provide. Within 1 hour of formalizing my decision to external forces one door after another has opened. Everything is not going to be just alright, it is going to be better!   

When we are faced with crossroads in our life remember we have been brought there for a reason. Typically we need to take a different course to get back on track for our life’s purpose. Don’t run from that which is scary, foreign, and beyond. Choose how you wish to live by embracing the opportunity that is around the corner of most crossroads!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Steps Until You Are Running

Life is about evolving, growing, and changing. One of the ways we do this by challenging ourselves. We have to decide what it is we want and we have to go after it.  For so many, we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential because we are afraid we can’t or won’t succeed. The truth is you CAN, you just have to do it!

We must start by setting a goal. When you have a destination that you’d like to reach you need to quantify your desires. For example, A little over a month ago I decided I wanted to run a 10K before the end of 2014. Our aspirations must be as specific and detailed as possible. This not only helps us have a time-frame for accomplishing, but it makes it clear to ourselves and others what we will do. 

It is helpful to create positive affirmations that will inspire and motivate us while reaching for our dreams. Saying out loud that which you wish to achieve makes you more accountable. Additionally you need to visualize what you want the process and outcome to look like. For my goal, I wrote affirmations that I read every night and every morning about feeling rested and energized for a great run. I also saw myself successfully running a race.

You can think about it, talk about it, and dream about it but nothing will happen until you take action towards attaining your goal. Every day you must take small movements towards getting exactly what you want. Some days are easier than others but every effort is movement in the right direction. Before you know your baby steps will have you running toward achieving all your desires!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Value YOU!

So many are so concerned with what everyone else thinks about them they forget that the only opinion that truly matters is yours! You have to wake up with yourself everyday and live with you, so why not make it a point to really like who you are!  Each and every one of us must learn to fall madly in love with ourselves.  When you love you, you are proud of you.  This is the only way to truly allow others to love you and be proud of you, too!  It is time to put you first and to show the world your worth by valuing you!

We must prioritize ourselves and our life for true happiness. When you value who you are and what you are, you open the door for the world to see you for your authentic self.   Only then can others appreciate you for all you are! We do not need to shy away from being who we were meant to be.  Each and every one of us is an original masterpiece! Once you recognize that and embrace being all you; you free yourself from the burden of letting others dictate who you are.  You need to live for you; once you do so you show others that you are your biggest fan and that no one gets to interfere with you being you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Know YOUR Impact

Sometimes it seems we go about our lives thinking we are completely independent and have no impact on those and the world around us. It typically isn’t until another points out to us the profound impact we have had that we realize or even become aware that we did or said anything to change that persons view, life, world, etc.  What about the times we impact others and we never realize it because that person never tells us.  I believe that we are constantly impacting those and the world around us by every one of our words, actions, and behaviors.  Stop and think before you speak, act, or be and make sure it is leaving the impression and impact you would want.

Take time to reflect and remind yourself….be the person you want to be, all of the time!  You are impacting others whether you chose to be or not.  Check yourself and make sure you are having the impact you want!  If not, be the change you need and want to be to make your life and the world around you the best place to be.

Remember….   “People may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” –--Carl W. Buechner

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