Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Push Me!

When pushed do you fight or flee? My initial response has always been to fight back. I always felt it necessary to stand up for myself and that which is right. Not only have I always fought back for myself but always for others. This past Friday, I stopped approximately 7 or more high school students that were pushing a young boy into the street. They were all moving at him, which made him back pedal and start to drop things. I without thought yelled at them and chased them from the young boy.  I have never been able to be a bystander and watch what I know is wrong. 

Recently I have struggled and what it boils down to is I feel as if I am being pushed and although I know it is wrong I have no will to fight any longer. Is it because I am jaded, older, don’t care, feel defeated? Truth is it is none of those reasons resonate with my response. I am actually feeling thankful for the push.  I think I needed it. Only being pushed this hard away and out has forced me to change. I think the approach was wrong but I also think it is the only way I would go and I believe that in the end it is in my best interest.  I would have never chosen this, but since the decisions are being made for me, I will not fight it.  I also am not going to be available to fix it when it all fails. 

Instead, I am taking the thrust as an opportunity. I refuse to focus on the doom and instead affirm in the purpose of endless possibilities. My life is actually better because I am truly letting go; being prod into deeper peace. Positivity by another’s forceful tactics is presenting new perspectives and prospects I would have not otherwise seen or welcomed.   Thank you for pushing me away and out.  I needed the swift shove to be open to the limitless possibilities, something my current situation just can’t provide!

Let’s not always see being pushed as a bad thing because it may be launching you into that which you love. Life has some weird ways of delivering messages but it seems to be the ones that hurt are the ones we needed the most. Push Me!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Put it in Perspective

Everyone creates their own reality. In fact our minds are such amazing and powerful tools that we can create things in our head that never happened.  We can tell a lie so often it becomes our truth. Or we can affirm all the good stuff we want to happen to create the reality we so desperately desire.

 It is up to each one of us to create the life we want.  We can look for the worst in all circumstances and then play the victim of life and all that happens to us. Or we can assert all the goodness that exists and focus on what other great things we know we can manifest into our existence.

Change your attitude, life, circumstances by finding and focusing on the perspective you want to see, live, and be!  Perspective, you see what you want to see!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hope You're Happy!

Our actions have consequences. And although there may be some immediate gratification there is also likely long term effects to all that we do. 

If you want to feel happier then stay focused on yourself. Stop pointing your fingers at anyone and accept full responsibility for life. There is no gratification in temporary victories. being an honest and upstanding person is most important. Things won't always go your way, so don't worry about anything except for your individual role in the situation.  Even when the truth does not come out publicly you have to live with yourself internally. 

Wrongdoings don't make anything right. Be upstanding by standing up. Enjoying short term satisfaction of temporary success will never lead to bliss. Greed will never bring you gratitude.... Hope you are happy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love You Live, Loath You Online

It's funny to think about life before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, etc. Now a days if you want to connect with someone, find out what they have been  up to rather than call or visit you simply refer to their social media. Most would say its easier in our busy lives to stay in touch online than taking the time to place a call, write a letter, visit in person, or even email. 

However, these time savers are actually taking us further away from knowing one another and turning many into people I no longer care for. It has become exhausting and sad to watch so many, especially our youth, feel they need to live their life on social media and notify us of every step, thought, issue, rant... Some posts pictures they will someday wish the world had never seen.

I am saddened by many people's need & desire to feel valued from such external forces. I am frightened for our youth and current social media users who rely on comments and likes to fill their days and nights. Technology is suppose to be a faster way to stay connected but the truth is many are wasting endless hours (their lives) on social media. People are losing themselves in the drama and facades. Our long term internet relationships do not allow us feel more connected, but rather disconnected & isolated. In addition, we lose our true selves. Following many electronically has made me personally dislike peoples from their online presence that I love live. 

I am going to follow in the footsteps of a very few and stop experiencing virtually and start being in the present and physical world with real friends and family. I will maintain my business sites and very private page but the rest must go. I want look back and know I experienced real life and not one that is untangible. I want to keep those I adore close and let the rest go.   From now on I am signing off because I no longer want to see you virtually and feel as if I absolutely love you live but loathe you online. 

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